How to solve VR moving ? #E3onTwitch

June 13, 2016

So, I am watching some TotalBiscuit’s E3 Snarkathon VR Killing Floor… whatever

The idea, consoles have solved the moving by having 2 sticks on the controller (I hope am right about that), so lets have 2 sticks on VR, wait this is bullshit, you will say?

Well may be, we already have the right stick by moving your head, the only question is how to make the left stick?

Do it like:

1. Make the chair you are sitting on detect movement, the way to image it like you are sitting on the left controller stick, which will move you through your experience by bending the chair in the 4 directions. YOU better add sensitivity calibration all right?

2. May be a cheaper way, using your right leg to move forward, backward, left leg moving left and right or using just one leg doing all the movement. This will allow me do lay on my couch, niceee.


I don’t have third solution, but think of the controller sticks when trying to solve this problem.


simple as that 🙂

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